Tips and ideas for corporate holiday gifting

Tips and ideas for corporate holiday gifting

It can be extremely difficult to buy appropriate corporate gifts that others will actually enjoy. For all those who are just a little stuck on ideas, we’ve got some tips and suggestions! Here are some corporate holiday gifting ideas that everyone will actually enjoy! 

Three Tips on Holiday Gifts

Corporate buying can be confusing and frustrating so here are some tips for when you are buying corporate holiday gifts.

#1 Personalize Your Gifts

No one wants a gift that isn’t genuine. It doesn’t have to be complicated either! It can be as simple as adding a personalized note, adding their initials to a gift, or adding something that relates to them. 

#2. Extravagant is a No Go

Don’t be the person who gets extravagant and expensive gifts for everyone. It can be uncomfortable for others, instead give a gift that better suits the relationship you have with the other person whether it’s an employer, fellow employee, customer, whoever! 

#3. Christmas Shouldn’t be the Only Occasion

Year round people deserve gifts! If the gifts are small enough, remembering to show others your appreciation throughout the year is guaranteed to make them much happier. Although, the holiday season is a great time for an extra or bigger gift! 

Five Inspirational Ideas  

For those who are truly stumped on what to get your corporate colleagues this year, we have a few suggestions.

#1. A Handmade Notebook, Planner, or Journal

Something handmade and personalized is such a great idea for corporate gifting. These can be found through various sellers and are something almost everyone needs and enjoys! 

#2. A Decorative Pillow

A personalized and special pillow is always a treasure. Something that they can use at their office chair or keep in the home, this option is versatile and allows for that personal touch! 

#3. Terrarium or Succulent Planters

Put a little plant life in the office! Both of these options are easy to take care of, come in adorable and personal containers, and can be enjoyed by all.

#4. Ornaments

Around the holidays, the perfect gift can be a personalized ornament. Most people keep these types of gifts for years and years to come and it can be such a great way to incorporate the holidays. 

#5. A Personalized Care Package from Us

The truth is, no one can make a personalized corporate gift or curated holiday gifts quite like us! With us, you can create your own crate perfectly packed with everything you could possibly want to include! Whether it’s an annual employee gift, client gift, holiday gift, award, or conference swag, we’ve got you covered! You can even add a personalized card to each package and have it shipped for an extremely low price to each person! 

Whatever you decide to give, it’s all about making the other person feel special. Here at The Care Crate Co. we are dedicated to exactly that! We want our customers to be happy and we know you do too! Try using us for all your corporate gifting needs this year!