The Business Of Caring

Our mission is simple and it’s in our name. We’re
here to help you show you care.

Our Core Beliefs

Make people happy

Above all else, our mission is to make people happy. We want both gift-givers and gift receivers to feel a sense of joy when they send or receive a Care Crate Co. care package.

Spread positivity

We believe that the world can always use more positivity. That’s why we make it easy for anyone to show their loved ones they care and are thinking of them.

Create an experience

Opening a care package from The Care Crate Co. isn’t just opening a box. We make it an experience that truly feels like opening a present and puts a smile on your face.

Offer value

Our care packages are filled with your favorite, name-brand products and come in a variety of themes and sizes to fit any budget.

A Commitment To Caring

To further support their mission and do our part in helping the hungry, The Care Crate Co. has made a commitment to donate food items, and volunteer our time, to The Greater Cleveland Food Bank.

Our Mission

Our desire to care for others and help them experience happiness makes The Care Crate Co. so much bigger than just care packages. At a fundamental level, we want to make people happy. It’s that simple.

Whether you’re sending a gift or receiving one, we want to make you smile. We believe in showing people that you care, any chance you get and we make it easy for you to do so. We want to be your go-to solution for helping loved ones celebrate a special occasion, mark the achievement of a goal, or simply get through a tough time. And we want you to feel a sense of satisfaction in knowing that you just made someone’s day with a gift they’ll love and appreciate.

Our mission is simple and it’s in our name. We’re
here to help you show you care.

Our Story

The Care Crate Co. was founded as a way for people to find, buy, and ship special care packages to their loved ones around the world.

As we learned more and more about what our customers were looking for, we began curating customized crates with snacks, premium items, self-care necessities, and more, as an alternative to big-box store shopping and uninspired gifts.

Our customized gift sets let your loved ones know you care while supplying them with everything they need to enjoy every special moment in life.

Our President, Greg Airel

A software engineer and full-stack developer by trade, Greg Airel graduated from Baldwin Wallace University. After 10 years of software design under his belt, he pivoted his career into entrepreneurship in 2017, with the goal of making a direct difference in peoples’ lives.

Since then, Greg has built a small herd of gifting businesses: The Care Crate Co.My Hero CrateHappy Pet Crate, and My College Crate. His work in the care package industry helped him become a master of shipping logistics, inspiring an e-commerce shipping, storage, and fulfillment business, called Shipping Pilot.

Meet The Team

Jess Bonnett

Creative Director

Dean Karadimas

Operations & Sales

Sharonda Jenkins

Account Manager

Jill Drellishak

HR & Account Manager

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