2021 holiday gift guide

2021 holiday gift guide

Gifts For Him

Aren’t men hard to shop for? If you’re struggling to find the right gift for one (or several!) of the men in your life, why not try any of these amazing gifts!

Men’s Luxe Gift Box

Who says men can’t have style? This care package provides a bit of luxury and class to the man in your life. From the finest grooming implements to the tastiest snacks, this gift set has everything the man in your life needs to live it up for the holidays. SHOP NOW

Gentleman’s Cocktail Gift Set

A classic man deserves a classic drink. This gift set comes with all the necessary tools to let the sophisticated gentleman in your life ensure perfection from every cocktail or glass of whiskey he drinks. SHOP NOW

Men’s Hearty Snack Gift Box

You can never go wrong with snacks. Our gift box offers a wide enough assortment of snacks to guarantee the man in your life has his favorite snacks for watching the game, watching a movie, or just for the heck of it. SHOP NOW

Dad’s Grilling Gift Set 

Christmas might be the wrong time of year to start grilling, but there is no wrong time of year to get ready to start grilling. This set will virtually guarantee that your dad will be outside grilling the second the weather lets him. SHOP NOW

Relaxing Supplies

Sometimes, all a guy really needs is to kick back for a little while. A comfy pair of house slippers, a bathrobe, and some nice warm pair of socks might seem underwhelming, but no gift will get used and appreciated more between this Christmas and the next.

Gifts For Her

Shout out to the women in our lives. They do so much more for us than we can ever really say. How do you find a gift that really shows how much you appreciate all they do for you?

Women’s Spa Day Gift Box

Nothing says “I appreciate all the hard work you do” quite like a spa day. When the woman in your life deserves a chance to pamper herself, this box contains everything she’ll need to let her do it. SHOP NOW

Mom’s Luxury Gift Set

Who is the hardest working person you know? Probably your mom, right? This gift set lets her relax in style. This gift set will let her enjoy a glass of wine, take a nice soothing bath, and maybe even get a well-earned holiday nap. SHOP NOW

Women’s Sweet Snack Box

You can never go wrong with snacks. Everybody loves snacks. And for the busy women in your life, a box filled with snacks they can either take with them when they’re on the go or sit down and enjoy when they finally get a free minute is a godsend. This might wind up being her favorite gift. SHOP NOW

Makeup Kit

Looking your best can get really expensive, really quickly. If the women in your life like to wear makeup, buying them new makeup can make you a superhero. You can save them a ton of time and money that they’ll appreciate for the whole year.


This one might take a little subterfuge to pull off, but the results are worth it. By asking a few subtle questions you can find exactly what piece of jewelry the woman in your life is dreaming of. And the look on her face when you make her dream come true on Christmas morning might just be with any price tag.

Gifts From Santa

Luckily you don’t have to worry about gift shopping for the kids in your life. Santa has them covered. But if you want to know what Santa will be bringing your kids and where to get it, might I recommend:


Do you know the great thing about this box? It’s absolutely perfect for everyone’s stockings. You’ll be able to give all the kids in your life high-quality, full-size, brand-name candy. And if not every piece makes it into the stocking? Well. we’ll never tell. SHOP NOW

Christmas Gift Set

Kids just get so excited about Christmas! This gift set gives them all the things they love about the holiday. It has the cocoa, the cookies, the treats, and as a bonus, a pair of T-rex Christmas socks. Does it get any cooler? SHOP NOW

Kid’s Fun Crate 

Why choose? Our kid’s fun crate has a whole mess of toys for the kids in your life to play with and enjoy. With this crate, your kids are guaranteed to spend the holiday coming up with new games to play. SHOP NOW


Sometimes you want to inspire a little creativity. When you get legos for a kid, you’re doing more than just buying them a gift. You’re buying them as many gifts as their imagination can handle.


What was your favorite book when you were the same age as the kid in your life? Sharing that book with them lets you bond with them. It inspires their imagination. It helps improve their learning. It is one of the best gifts you can give a child.

Gifts For Everyone

Who has made your life better this year? Was it a neighbor who checked up on you when you were sick? A co-worker or manager who taught you something new? Who do you think needs a smile this holiday season? Even a small gift can bring a lot of happiness.

Gifts for Coworkers

You can seriously never go wrong with snacks, and with this box, you’ll have enough snacks for everybody. This box is especially good if you want to spread a little joy and happiness in the workplace. SHOP NOW

Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Do you have a coffee lover in your life? This set comes with everything they need to brew and enjoy a steaming cup of joe to their heart’s content. SHOP NOW

Gifts for New Moms

Babies are a blessing. Help a new mother in your life celebrate her baby’s first Christmas with this box full of essential supplies to remind them to take care of themselves as well. SHOP NOW

Gifts for Movie Lovers

Show the movie buff in your life how much you love them with a care package full of snacks for movie time. Everything they need to pull up their popcorn and enjoy their favorite flick. SHOP NOW

A Simple Letter

Sometimes, just reminding someone you care about how much you care about them is the best gift you can give. Invite a lonely neighbor to dinner. Thank a coworker for being a good friend. Tell a teacher how important their lessons have been to your life. What are the holidays for, after all, if not showing people you care?

From all of us here at The Care Crate, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your holiday celebrations. Knowing that we got to put a smile on your face, and got to help you pass that smile along to someone else is what we’re all about. From the bottom of our hearts, Happy Holidays.