"Walls Of Love" brings care to the homeless

We’re in the Business of Caring, and You Are Too!

We’re in the business of caring. Each care package of ours is designed to show others how much they are cared for. Each time you buy a care package from us, you give a care package to those you love, and people in need. The Care Crate Co. has partnered with the Cleveland-based nonprofit organization “Walls of Love” to help bring necessities to those in need. We interviewed Holly Jackson, founder of Walls of Love, to help you see how much your care brings to others.

Walls of Love Does it All

Walls of Love helps to diminish the stigma around homelessness while simultaneously bringing care to those in need. Holly says they accomplish this by, “Never questioning anyone’s needs. There are no requirements for our items. If they say they are in need we believe them. We do not judge. We put our items out there with great intentions and allow the universe to guide us. There are so many judgments on a daily basis in the world, and we refuse to be a part of that. We treat others with love and kindness…always.”

Holly’s Story Inspires Change

Holly Jackson herself founded this nonprofit based on her personal experiences. Holly herself was homeless once. Holly says, “I came up with the idea for the Walls of Love because I too was once homeless. I am a domestic violence and sexual assault survivor and I left my home when I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter to give her a safer and better life. At the time I was employed and made $7.11 too much to qualify for any benefits, so after humbling myself and asking for help, I was not able to get it. It was horrible. After 3 days in the homeless shelter, I had to go as, at that time, that was the rule. I slept under bridges and in parks and people judged me not knowing the true reason I was out there. In 2018 I saw a family in need of assistance. It was November and snowing and they were in weather inappropriate clothes. I said to myself, ‘I wish there was a magic place or wall where people could go get the things that they need and not be judged for it.’ At that moment the idea was born. It was not meant to be a nonprofit. It was meant to be a one-time thing but here we are almost 4 years later with 1391 Walls of Love in 26 states and we have helped over 850k people in 785+ neighborhoods. This is all off of fundraising and donations. I can only imagine how much more we can do with access to more volunteers and corporate sponsors. It truly excites me. By the end of 2023, I would like to be in all 50 states.

How Partnerships and Volunteers Help

The project relies on partners and volunteers. Having these partners and volunteers makes a big difference in how much is able to be accomplished. “I feel that partners and volunteers allow us to have more of a sustainable outreach. Word of mouth is great advertising. We also love it when people and companies join us in making a difference because they can see the differences being made firsthand,” Holly says. The Care Crate Co. is proud to be a partner with Walls of Love and Holly expressed her excitement to partner with us! Holly says, “This partnership excites me so much because we have many common goals. We are taking very simple things and making people’s lives better with them. This partnership is especially near and dear to my heart because your company not only assists in helping the homeless but it has crates for pets, the military, and moms and dads that are just overworked and overwhelmed.  It makes my heart smile to be reaching so many levels of the community and the world.”

Join us in The Business of Caring

The mission of Walls of Love and our mission here at the Care Crate Co. both revolve around showing how much you care. Caring is essential to making sure those in need earn everything they need. Holly says, “Caring, especially in the world today, where there can be so much negativity on a daily basis, is crucial. You never know where someone’s head is at or what someone is going through and how something as simple as a clean pair of socks or a snack when they are starving and change their day or mindset on life or the day.” To Holly, caring is especially important to each community. Holly says, “Caring to me, is an expression of love and humanity for another person. The items that we put up on the walls of love are hugs from the volunteers and the community. It is an engagement in kindness. It is a way to say, ‘Hey, I may not know who you are, but I want you to know that you are not alone.’”

Get involved with Walls of Love!

Here are ways people can get involved:

1. Go to the Walls of Love website, www.wallsoflove.com

2. Follow them on social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok and share what they are all about.

3. Volunteer in a community.

4. Holly accepts ideas about where walls should be put up! Send ideas on where you think a wall should go to Wallsoflove216@gmail.com

5. Walls of Love takes donations! You can make a donation to

Cashapp: $walloflove

Venmo: wallsoflove

Paypal/Zelle: wallsoflove216@gmail.com