Our care package company's food donations this year

Our care package company's food donations this year

Our Philanthropy is Part of Our Mission to Deliver Joy with Snack Boxes and Gift Ideas

When The Care Crate Co. was founded, the root of our mission was to help people bring joy to their loved ones; in short, we do it because we care.

Part of our mission of caring is to do great work in our local community of Cleveland, Ohio, and beyond. We want to help our city and surrounding areas as best as we can with what we have.

Although our founders and team may not personally experience food insecurity, we learned that many people worldwide do, and don’t know where their next meal may come from.

We realized we could help provide relief to those who were struggling by supporting our local food bank here in Cleveland and other nonprofits on similar missions. That’s why we choose to donate time, money, and food as often as we can.

2021 Donations of Snack Boxes and Care Packages

So far this year, we’ve made donations of food, monetary donations on behalf of employees and our valued vendors, as well as general donations for crisis relief. Our team also has spent dozens of hours volunteering in our local communities.

In total, The Care Crate Co. has donated the equivalent of 62 food care packages and gift sets to a variety of organizations, including our local food bank. Across all three of our sister organizations, we’ve donated 337 snack boxes and care packages.

For The Care Crate Co., our most-often donated packages were the Personal Care Kit and the Microwaveable Snack Care Package. Both contain easy-to-prepare nonperishable entrees for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that can be complemented and supplemented by other nutritious foods from the local food bank. They also both contain tasty treats — because everyone deserves something special and fun.

How Else Will Our Care Packages Help Others?

And 2021 isn’t over yet! Stay tuned to learn how we plan to continue our mission of helping those in need and how your purchases enable us to donate even more.