How to host a company picnic while working remotely

How to host a company picnic while working remotely

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Any business leader will tell you that the last year or so has presented a challenge in building corporate culture, thanks to an onslaught of employees working from home during the pandemic.

And, if your company is like so many, you’re only in the first phases of even thinking about rounding up everyone to return to the office. Maybe you learned that paying commercial real estate prices for office space simply isn’t necessary anymore. 

As 2021 continues, you are likely starting to plan your company picnic, one of the year’s biggest events for building corporate culture, community, and camaraderie with your staff. In past years, your employees have looked forward to a time where they could relax and bring their families along for a fun day outdoors or at a ritzy country club setting complete with fine china.

What’s clear is that this year’s company picnic is going to have to be a little different, and perhaps still socially distant to help keep your employees healthy and safe. You can organize a fun event for your employees to enjoy outdoors or remotely; it just takes a bit of creativity and help from experts at packaging joy. (That’s The Care Crate Co.!)

Choose a Theme for Your Corporate Picnic

Just as you would pick an overarching theme for an in-person event, you’ll want to choose one for your remote picnic or a socially-distanced one, so that it feels cohesive. You can even make your theme related to working from home! Consider:

  • Once Upon a Time in a Land Far Far Away: a fairy-tale themed, socially-distant or remote company picnic
  • Mask-querade: a masquerade ball themed event
  • Home Plate: a baseball-themed, fully remote picnic to enjoy at home

Entertainment Ideas for Your Company Picnic

Next, you’ll need to brainstorm some activities your employees can enjoy, whether they’re at home or at an event and practicing social distancing. Turn to technology to get this done! If you need help thinking of fun activities, turn to your Learning & Development team for ideas and tips on executing them.

  • Kahoot! Quiz: An online trivia game show fuels friendly competition. Participants need only their smartphone to play along, in person or fully remote. Show the questions and answer options on a projection screen or via Zoom.
  • “Guess How Many”: Fill a jar with jelly beans, a bowl with berries, or some other container with a large amount of small items that pertain to your company. Photograph it for those playing at home, or display it in person, and have people guess how many objects are inside the vessel. The person who guesses the closest without going over, wins a prize. You can have your employees submit their guesses via a Google form.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Set up an in-person scavenger hunt for families to compete, or host an online one on Zoom. An in-person scavenger hunt is pretty self-explanatory. For the online one, think of a list of common household items. On Zoom, ask everyone to find an item in their home that fits the description. The first person to show it on camera gets a point. At the end of the game, the person with the most points wins.

If you are planning a remote activity that requires your team members to have specific items to participate, contact us at The Care Crate Co.! We specialize in sourcing items and assembling them into awesome custom corporate care packages, which we can ship to your employees’ homes for you — just tell us where they go. This way, everyone has the items they need to participate in the fun. 

Company Picnic Snacks

Are you prepared to feed a crowd? In person, it’s pretty easy: book a caterer! A remote company picnic presents a bigger challenge. You could send each employee a gift card for their favorite meal delivery service.

Or, if you want to do something more special, send a snack box from The Care Crate Co. to each of your employees. Our team will listen to your preferences, find the perfect snacks and treats, and build a custom snack box for your company. We also can include premium items, like water bottles or drink tumblers, at-home spa treatments, gourmet snack items, Bluetooth speakers, or anything else you can think of, with your company’s logo on them if you’d prefer.

After we ship them to your employees, they can enjoy delicious snacks and other gifts from the comfort of their own home while participating in the remote company picnic.

Start Planning Your Company Picnic Corporate Gifts Now!

If you want to pull off a stellar company picnic this summer, don’t put off planning. Start the process today by contacting us at 1-888-956-2601 to secure the gift boxes you need for your employees to enjoy their special event.