A guide to the perfect summer

A guide to the perfect summer

Summer is almost here, and we don’t want it to end!

The weather is warming up, it’s finally time for the best summer activities to begin. After a crazy year, this summer should be spent making timeless memories with friends, family, and loved ones.

Now that the world is beginning to open up, here are some ideas of how to spend your endless summer! 

Have the Perfect Picnic

Picture this: the sun is shining, you’re with your loved ones, the weather is perfect, what do you do? You have a picnic of course! Luckily for you, our perfect Picnic Day Crate is equipped with all the essentials you could possibly need to make sure your picnic is fun and functional. It’s the perfect gift for everyone and you or your loved ones will love it! 

Outdoor Movie Night

With busy days, come fun and relaxing nights. What’s better than curling up outside by the fire and enjoying a movie with your loved ones? Grab some snacks, like maybe the ones from our Movie Night Snack Box, and finally, watch that new movie you’ve been dying to see! It’s perfect and fun for everyone! 

Camping Getaway

After a busy week, it’s nice to get away. Grab some friends, your family, or your loved ones and head out to the campground of your choice. It’s a great way to spend some quality time in nature, and with the people you love! Snacks from our Men’s Care Package, equipped with beef sticks and granola bars, are perfect for trips to the campground. Those s’mores around the campfire are calling your name!

Take a Hike

Fresh air and warm weather go so well together and what better way to enjoy than to fully immerse yourself in it! Going on a hike on the local trail with some friends, being one with nature, stopping to enjoy some snacks from our Healthy Snack Box, what could be better? 

Hit the Road

Who doesn’t love a good road trip! There’s always a summertime destination in need of a visit and a good drive with the people you love to accompany it. Singing along to your favorite songs, a classic game of I Spy, and eating some snacks to pass the time are just a few of the best aspects. Hit the road with our Snack Box Care Package and it will be a memory worth making!

Beach Day

Vacation time! If you get the chance to get down to the beach, a pool, or lake nearby then you are set for summertime fun! If you know someone who’s in desperate need of a vacation, our Beach Day Crate is available with all the necessities for the best fun in the water and sun! 

Playground Park Playdate

The little ones can be restless during the summer, so a day at the park or playground can help them blow off some steam, and help you relax! It’s a perfect treat for families big and small. Our Women’s Care Package includes healthy snacks for the little ones and comfort snacks to help you relax! Meet up with some friends or other loved ones and spend some quality time making great memories! 

How do you have fun in the summer?

Our care package fans are incredible and we know they all have some amazing summertime ideas! Show us how you celebrate an Endless Summer by tagging us on Instagram @thecarecrateco!