How to celebrate international picnic day with our new care package

How to celebrate international picnic day with our new care package

Channel Your Inner Yogi Bear and Head to the Park for a Meal

There’s a worldwide celebration for most things, and not all those things are important to everyone. But on June 18, the globe stops to enjoy International Picnic Day, and at The Care Crate Co., we think that’s a day worth celebrating.

Why? Picnics are the perfect way to spend quality time with the person or people you love, while reconnecting with nature and getting some fresh air. (And we all need all of that after a year spent mostly indoors, away from family and friends.) We love the idea of this holiday so much, we even assembled a special Picnic Crate!

So mark your calendar for International Picnic Day, June 18, and begin planning your outing to the park or your backyard. Here’s how you can celebrate this pretty special day.

Step One: Build Your Guest List and Send Invitations

As you begin planning your International Picnic Day celebration, determine who you want to spend the day with. Do you want to throw a huge blow-out party, or host a more intimate event with only a couple of people? Maybe you want some one-on-one alone time with your special someone.

Your first step is to build your guest list. Once the list is built, send invitations to your guests. You can send invitations by text message, email, social media, or by mailing paper invitations for a super-fancy feel. 

Step Two: Plan Your Menu and Location

What will you serve at your International Picnic Day picnic? How will you package it to get it to the picnic location? These are important considerations as you move forward with party planning.

If you have a large guest list, consider bringing only the main entree, like fried chicken or hot dogs, and ask everyone else to bring a dish to share — make it a potluck. If your guest list is small, you could prepare all the food yourself, like a delectable charcuterie board or other fancy finger foods. For recipe ideas, do an Internet search based on the ingredients your guests like to eat.

You should also be sure that your venue is good to go and communicate that to your guests. Most people enjoy picnics in the park, or you could even use your backyard as the setting. If you have to drive to your location, you’ll want to be sure you’ve packed up your food and drinks carefully, in a travel cooler, for example. 

Step Three: Give Your Guests a Party Favor

The best parties often include a parting gift for your guests. But those gifts are even better if they’re something your guests can use during the event! Our Picnic Crate is the perfect party favor for your party.

Each summer party gift contains a waterproof picnic blanket, reusable eating utensil set, bug repellent wrist band, cleansing wipes, mesh tote bag with a built-in cooler, acrylic tumbler for cold drinks, and an appetizer of cheese and crackers. 

This is really the perfect favor for your International Picnic Day party because your guests can use every element of the gift box while they’re there. 

Can’t Throw a Party? Send our Summer Gift Idea to Your Loved Ones!

If you can’t host an International Picnic Day party of your own, help your loved ones celebrate by sending them their very own Picnic Crate. They can celebrate on their own schedule and reuse the contents of our gift box again and again all summer long. That’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Order a Picnic Crate for yourself, a friend, or family member today, for guaranteed arrival by International Picnic Day.

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated for accuracy. It was originally published on June 14, 2021.