Host a DIY at-home movie night with our movie night crate

Host a DIY at-home movie night with our movie night crate

Our Care Package Provides the Snacks — Just Add a Movie!

Sure, it’s fun to go to the movie theater with the whole crew for a special weekend evening. But the amount of cash you’ll spend probably makes you balk a little.

With the average ticket in the U.S. costing $9.57 in 2021, a family of four will spend close to $40 just to get in. And that doesn’t count the cost of snacks! A medium-size popcorn sells, on average, for $8, and a medium fountain soda clocks in at $5.50. A box of candy costs about $4.25. And you certainly aren’t sharing one of each with your entire family, so here’s hoping you picked up some extra hours at work — or won the lottery.

So why not stay at home and enjoy a customized movie night with the whole family? And considering you could save $78 per movie theater trip, you could put that money to better use around your home or for a vacation. Try one of these movie night ideas to maximize the fun and minimize the budget.

Backyard Movie Night

Pick a summer night that isn’t too hot and humid and host a movie night outside! Hang a white flat bed sheet against the side of your house or garage door, and use a projector to display the movie on it. Check with your public library, which may rent out projectors for free!

Use snacks from our movie night snack box, a movie night kit complete with popcorn, full-size candy, and more, and pull up your most comfortable lawn chairs and picnic blankets to watch a family-favorite movie. It’s the perfect movie night for kids and adults alike. 

Kids’ Drive-In Movie

You’ve probably heard parents question why they buy their kids expensive toys, when all they want to do is play in the box. (And if you’re a parent yourself, those same words have likely come out of your mouth.)

Incorporate boxes into your family movie night by transforming boxes into “cars” for your kids to relax in. You’ll need one box per child, large enough to accommodate your kid plus a pillow, plus extra craft items to decorate the boxes and transform them into convertible cars!

Use plain white paper plates, colored black, for tires; red construction paper cut-outs for tail lights; and contact paper for badges and door handles. Use whatever you have around the house. Don’t want to go the full-out craft route? A pack of washable markers work, too! Just draw on the features of the car. Add a customized license plate with each child’s name, and point them at the TV, just like at the drive-in movies. 

Fort Memories with the Family

Many adults have fond memories of making blanket forts as a child. Recreate those fun times with your own family, and create a living room structure that everyone will fit under. Make sure you can see the television from it, so when you pop in a new rental or family favorite, everyone has a good view.

Prepare a bunch of snacks in advance, put on your comfiest pajamas, and crawl inside your cave to enjoy a relaxing night with the family.

Custom Popcorn Concoctions Using Your Care Package

If you want a more low-key movie night, or perhaps your kids are too old and cool for blanket forts, plan to watch a movie together as a family, but make it special with an Iron Chef popcorn competition. Have each family member create a seasoning recipe for popcorn, and taste-test them together. The winner can choose the movie!

Give the Best Gift Idea for Families: A Movie Night!

If you want to commemorate a family you love with a special bonding experience and tasty treats, send them our Movie Night Care Package from The Care Crate Co., and sign them up for our monthly subscription box while you’re at it.

Our one-time subscription box makes a great gift, but a monthly delivery of themed, customized crates is something truly special that makes the recipients feel just how much you love and care for them.

And if you’re a recipient of one of our care packages, we hope you’ll return the favor one day — and also share your family movie night ideas with us on social media, @thecarecrateco. 

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated for accuracy. It was originally published on August 9, 2021.