Choose a care package company with eco-friendly practices

Choose a care package company with eco-friendly practices

Plus, Discover Creative Ways to Reuse Our Snack Boxes!

There’s a holiday coming up that’s very dear to our hearts. Earth Day is April 22. The Care Crate Co. is dedicated to protecting the planet any way we can, while carefully curating, assembling, and shipping thoughtful care packages to your loved ones.

We’ve recently made business decisions that ensure we’re doing our part in protecting the planet and moving toward sustainability. You can, too, with some of our ideas for recycling and upcycling our signature green boxes. Read on!

Our Care Packages Are Kind to Earth

More than a year ago, The Care Crate Co. transitioned to sustainable packaging certified by the Eco-Alliance for all of our care packages, including our stickers and tissue paper.

We purchase our supplies from a company called no.issue, which uses soy-based, non-toxic ink on their fully-recyclable packaging. Our boxes are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which promotes restorative practices and sustainability for forests around the globe. Our vendor, no.issue, even plants trees every time their customers place an order for more packaging.

How You Can Help

Every time you receive a care package from The Care Crate Co., recycle every part of the box and tissue paper after enjoying its contents. If you’re the sender, encourage your recipient to do it.

Our signature green boxes are also perfect for repurposing, such as for crafts, storage, or as a gift box for someone else’s present.

You also can transform them into:
  • Valentine’s Day mailboxes for school parties. If your child has to create a box to hold all the valentines their classmates will give them, our green boxes are the perfect structure for it! Just add decorations.
  • Junk drawer organizers. Use the lid portino to create dividers and set them into the box. Sort out your junk drawer so that it’s easy to find items inside.
  • Marie Kondo would be proud.
  • Storing essential oils. It’s *ahem* essential to store essential oil bottles somewhere that light won’t permeate them, which can affect their potency and viability. Our boxes are the perfect height for small essential oil bottles to stand upright and be protected.
  • Lego-to-go. What kid doesn’t want to take along toys to grandma’s house? And unless you’ve invested in all the pricey building block accessories, you’ll need somewhere to put those plastic bricks if you’re planning to travel with them. Care package boxes are the perfect size for carrying building blocks like these.
  • School dioramas. Set the scene using one of our care packages as the backdrop for this classic school assignment.
  • Off-season sandal storage. Those strappy sandals are easy to lose behind your heavy winter shoes in your closet. Get them out of the way to maximize your space by stowing your sandals inside one of our boxes. Move them up to a high shelf, and they’ll stay organized until you need them again in the spring.
  • Because our boxes are so sturdy, you can use them season after season. They’re also ideal for winter hats, gloves, and mittens!

The Care Crate Co. is Dedicated to Sustainability

Our company leaders have worked hard to ensure that all areas of our business take steps toward sustainability and protecting the environment, from our ordering system, to our customer service team, to our behind-the-scenes work. We’ve gone fully paperless, which means we’re using less tree-based products and inks than other similarly-sized companies. With your purchase of care packages and snack boxes from The Care Crate Co., you’re supporting our efforts for a healthier Earth, and doing your part, too.

Learn More

For more information on green ideas and our Eco-Alliance packaging, visit, or contact our customer service team if you have any questions.