Building a culture of employee satisfaction

Building a culture of employee satisfaction

Corporate Gifting and the Role It Plays

Read the results of any national employee satisfaction poll (like ones from Gallup), and you’re likely to learn that most Americans don’t find much of it in their careers.

And many workers consider very different factors when deciding whether they feel satisfied with their employers and roles. For example, some employees crave financial compensation and expansive benefits packages, whereas others tend to value interpersonal relationships and rewarding work.

One constant that seems popular across the board are employee recognition programs. These programs emphasize publicly recognizing employees for a job well done. That’s enough to instill pride in your most competitive worker, and your worker who is there to make a difference.

Establishing Your Corporate Culture

While employee satisfaction certainly can be improved with gifts and awards, your foundational company culture is the lynchpin of employee satisfaction. Without a healthy culture, no matter how many gifts you give your team, they still may not feel satisfied at work. In fact, they’ll perceive that you’re trying to buy their loyalty.

And while buying loyalty through a high-quality employee rewards program isn’t always a bad thing, when it’s done without sincerity, employees take notice. You certainly should instate one of these programs, but you should make it part of an overarching cultural shift in your organization to make it truly worthwhile and meaningful.

A satisfying corporate culture may include an employee recognition program, but also the opportunity to build interpersonal relationships, the ability to seek out and obtain promotions with a clear career path, merit pay increases, professional development opportunities, constructive performance reviews not tied to pay, an “open door policy,” eco-friendly practices, and more.

Combined, these can increase employee performance and dedication. And happy employees lead to happy customers.

Investing in your employees’ happiness provides a wonderful return on investment. Take a personal approach to your employee rewards program with special corporate gifts.

Best Corporate Gift Ideas

With so many choices for employee gifts, it can be hard to narrow down to the most meaningful and valued in your employees’ eyes.

The most memorable employee gifts are those that serve a purpose, rather than sit around collecting dust. They should celebrate important moments, such as achievements, high performance, holidays, and company benchmarks. The right gift at the right time speaks volumes about how you care about your employees.

Employee Gifts from The Care Crate Co.

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One of the most unique parts of The Care Crate Co. is that we can handle the logistics of distribution for you, so you don’t have to pass around gifts at the office or drive to your employees’ homes to drop off their rewards.

While you’re building a satisfying workplace culture, we’ll build the perfect corporate gifts for your team. Learn more about our custom gift boxes.