There's always a good reason to send a care package

There's always a good reason to send a care package

Snack Boxes, Relaxation Gift Sets, and Personal Care Supplies Make Great Gifts for All Occasions

There are so many occasions throughout life that call for sending a gift, a token of appreciation, or some other acknowledgment of the importance of certain days. For nearly any of these occasions, a care package from The Care Crate Co. is a smart and easy choice.

You can still thoughtfully choose the theme of your gift box, but you don’t have to spend lots of time, energy, or money searching for it, assembling it, and shipping it. We take care of all of that for you, so you can get on with your busy life, and most of all, stay safe as you shop at home.

Here are some great reasons to send a care package or gift set today.

Say “Happy Birthday” with a Snack Box

Turning 8? Turning 80? The Care Crate Co.’s care packages are just right for all ages to enjoy. And because it’s not a random trinket or knick-knack, your loved one will get good use out of what you send instead of letting it collect dust on a shelf or be stowed away in a drawer somewhere.

Care Packages Show You Care for Others

Sending a care package is one of the easiest ways to equip someone in need with necessities to help them get by, stay home, and be safe. An elderly loved one who can’t leave the house frequently because they’re at risk of getting sick, a friend or family member in isolation, or someone recovering from a surgery are perfect recipients for our care packages. Choose from a variety of snack boxes to find the perfect one to send. We really do have something for everyone and can accommodate dietary restrictions.

Stock Up on Holiday Snacks

ABE. Always be eating. That’s our mantra for any holiday. If it’s your family’s too, or if all the kids will be home for a holiday, snag a huge snack box to fill your pantry and keep their bellies full between meals.

The Perfect Corporate Gift Idea

Your team has worked hard, even during the pandemic. It’s time to thank them for their dedication to the company. What better way than to send them a corporate gift from you. The word “care” is in the name, so it shows them how grateful you are to them, and that you want them to be happy during these strange times.

Send Well Wishes During Difficult Times

Even the less-than-exciting occasions deserve acknowledgment, and a care package full of snacks can show that you’re extending your sympathy to a family experiencing loss, grief, or hardship. We highly recommend our Microwave Snack Care Package, with easy-to-prepare meal options that ease the burden of responsibility during difficult times.

Send a Care Package Just Because You Care

Getting mail (that isn’t bills) is downright fun. Multiply the fun by about 10,000 when you send a care package. Your recipient won’t be expecting to receive our signature teal box, and they’ll be even more thrilled when they peep what’s inside.

A Celebration that Deserves a Little Pomp and Circumstance

Celebrate the success of December college graduates by sending them their very own Personal Care Kit or Candy Care Package to help them transition into adulthood without letting go of their childhood too much.

Shop Our Full Lineup of Gifts to Send Anyone

Choose a care package from our exciting options, and we’ll send it anywhere in the United States, shipping included. You can even add a customized note to the box, to get your message across. Shop now.

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated for accuracy. It was originally published on November 2, 2020.