Ready for spring

Ready for spring

Winter Woes

Winter is finally ending! Don’t misunderstand me, I like winter a lot. The snow, cuddling up under a warm blanket, sipping cocoa, enjoying your Christmas gifts. The trouble with winter is that it drags on. The first snowfall of winter is majestic and serene. The twentieth is frustrating and has resulted in a dent in your bumper and three new grey hairs because your kids keep having to miss school. Winter is the season of celebrating the life you have. Spring is all about making changes.

Flowers in Bloom

Everyone knows what the best part of spring is: flowers are back! Winter is so monotonous. As soon as things start heating back up, you start to see color everywhere. All the spectacular greens are painted with red and white roses, purple hydrangeas, and yellow daisies. If you have a park nearby, now is the time to start planning a visit. It’s also the time to start planting a garden.

Beauty, Sustainability, Wellbeing

Where to even begin talking about the impact of a garden on your life? Maybe you’re worried about the stress of maintaining a garden? That’s actually a common misconception. One of the biggest benefits of gardening is a chance to relax. You can enjoy the quiet of the outdoors while getting to create something beautiful and alive with your bare hands. It’s the perfect activity for anyone with a nurturing spirit. And you don’t just have to plant flowers and pretty things. Planting vegetables in your garden can provide you with a sustainable food source that’s all your own. There’s just something special about making dinner using ingredients you grew all by yourself.

Getting Started

Care Crate Co. recently added a gift for gardeners to our inventory. If you want help getting started with your garden, or you want to introduce a loved one to the joy of gardening, it’s a perfect gift. It has everything from planters to succulent plushies.

Not Your Thing?

That’s ok! The best part of spring is that there is no shortage of ways to enjoy it. If you want to just sit on the front porch with some chocolate, wine, and charcuterie, it’s the perfect time to do so. Spring is coming back, and that’s cause for celebration!