Get your employees outside this summer with corporate gifts from The Care Crate Co.

Get your employees outside this summer with corporate gifts from The Care Crate Co.

Customize Your Work Team’s Care Packages

It seems like no matter what you do, some employees are just never satisfied with their annual gift. Few people need another company-branded coffee cup or pen, and not everyone is interested in a set of frosted wine glasses, either!

But this summer is the perfect time to send your annual employee gift, and The Care Crate Co. can help you make it better than any other by helping you select unique items and handle all assembly and distribution for you.

With summer in full swing, encourage your employees to head outdoors with a very special employee gift from The Care Crate Co. Here are our five favorite outdoor-themed gifts we can include in your corporate care package for your team.

Corporate Gift Idea: Reusable Water Bottle

Employees who are concerned about the environment will love having a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated in the summer heat. And even non-tree huggers will love it because it allows them to take a cold drink everywhere with them, including at their desk at work!

The Care Crate Co.’s customer service team will help you add your company logo to the water bottle and package it in each employee care package with other themed items, such as a reusable straw, sunscreen, and other outdoor adventure necessities (that work just as well on a patio or deck)!

Picnic Snacks for Your Employee Care Package

Quick, prepackaged snacks are convenient to toss into a picnic basket or lunch box for a meal in the park. Choose from healthy options, salty treats, sweet snacks, and more, so your employees have a wide selection in their care packages.

High-protein snacks, fruit leather, and other healthy options are the perfect fuel for hiking, while chips make the best accompaniment for sandwiches on a picnic blanket. They pair well with reusable sandwich bags or other eco-friendly containers.

Include a Picnic Blanket In Your Corporate Gift

Speaking of picnics, why not include a picnic blanket in your annual employee gift? Your team members can take it along with them to visit the local park, or use it at their kids’ sports games. And if you’re hosting a late-summer company picnic, they can bring it along to sit on between activities.

A picnic blanket pairs well with reusable eating utensils, perfect to reduce the use of plastics that get discarded.

Sunscreen Complements an Outdoorsy Annual Employee Gift

Encourage safety outdoors with a travel tube of sunscreen in your employee care package. Sunscreen is shown to help prevent skin damage from the sun’s powerful rays and may even help to prevent certain skin cancers.

Sunscreen is the perfect item to include in a care package to encourage your team to head outside for some fresh air and recreation. (After all, it’s nearly pointless to use indoors!)

Pair sunscreen with natural bug repellent spray or a bug repellent wristband to help maximize outdoor fun.

Cooling Towels Get Your Team Outdoors

When the summer temperatures rise, it can be hard to keep cool. But with a cooling towel, your employees can spend more time outdoors while still feeling comfortable as they garden, hike, or participate in your company picnic.

Your employees need only add water to their cooling towel to activate it. Pair the cooling towel with sunglasses, a universal sunglasses case, or a personal cooling fan.

Build Your Corporate Gift Box Today!

Your employees will be so pleased to receive a unique gift box full of items they’ll find useful and that they can use up. But assembling gift boxes like these can be time consuming. Let The Care Crate Co. take care of everything for you, from selecting quality items, carefully packaging them, and distributing them to your team.

We can even make your gift box contents unique for your business and your exacting specifications! Contact us to learn more about our corporate gifting options, or to begin assembling your corporate gifts.