Get excited about gardening

Get excited about gardening

The Season of Rebirth

For all of recorded history, spring has been associated with renewed life. Whether it’s Persephone leaving the underworld to visit her mother, Jesus rolling away the stone in front of his tomb, or your windows decorated in bunnies and birds, the message is the same. This is the time of year when we look around us and see the world shaking off winter and bursting into color. Isn’t it time you brought that renewal into your own life?

Something Beautiful

A garden might seem like another chore to add to your plate. In today’s fast-paced, time-is-money society, the idea of adding an extra job to your life might seem daunting. But a garden does not have to be a chore. Studies have shown that plants have a very real response to the love you show them. And by an equal token, studies have also shown that taking some time to garden can help relieve stress and quiet the mind. A garden is not a chore. A garden is a chance to bring a little bit of beauty to your life, inside and out.

Sustainable Gardening

Of course, that doesn’t mean that gardening has to be nothing more than a hobby. During times of instability, a garden can add a little bit of sustainability to your life. Freshly grown vegetables can add a little variety to your diet and stop you from the cycle of eating junk just because it is easy. And it might sound crazy, but there’s just something extra delicious about the food you grow for yourself. And yes, you will likely end up with more than you need. That can be turned into a lucrative side hustle, or it could be turned into a very well-received charitable donation. After all, why not share the bounty?

A Labor Of Love

If you’ve never gardened before, you should consider giving it a try. The wonderful sense of renewed life inside you and outside your home will be a wonderful way to welcome in the spring. After all, what is spring for if not trying something new? Every spring, you get the opportunity to be a new version of yourself. Maybe giving this a try is the change you’ve been looking for.

Care Crate Gardening

If you do want to consider gardening, Care Crate wants to help you or a loved one get started. Our Plant Lovers Gift Set is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to get a garden started. It comes with plants starters, pots, guides, and an all-important plant tumbler that will make your gardening journey as comforting, fun, and renewing as you could possibly hope for.