Family camping trip tips and tricks

Family camping trip tips and tricks

The Care Crate Co. Has The Snacks Covered!

There’s nothing quite like a family vacation, especially one that takes your kin back to nature for relaxation and rejuvenation. Camping trips offer something for every member of the family, whether they like athletic pursuits like hiking, culinary challenges like cooking over an open fire, or more laid-back activities like reading or napping in a hammock.

This summer, take a long weekend and schedule a family camping trip away from the crowds. Pack your bags, roll up your sleeping bags, and get ready to set out on the ultimate adventure together. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your family camping trip go smoothly.

Pack a first aid kit from our Personal Care Kit snack box.

Minor cuts and scrapes are bound to happen when the whole family is active outdoors. A small first aid kit with bandages, wound cleanser, antibiotic ointment, gauze, and other wound dressings is optimal for camping safety. You’ll also want to pack a pair of tweezers for easy tick removal, as well as instant ice packs for bumps and bruises. No first aid kit is complete without over-the-counter basic medications, such as allergy pills, simple pain relievers, and anti-itch creams. Get a few first-aid basics in our Personal Care Kit snack box. 

Stock up on snacks with our Healthy Care Package.

Pitching your tent and setting up your campsite makes you hungry, as does canoeing and gathering kindling for your campfire. Keep bellies full and satisfied with a variety of nonperishable snacks that won’t melt away in the heat, but can provide you and your family with vital nutrients, especially over a weekend when s’mores are basically their own food group. You’ll find healthier snack choices, like nuts and granola bars — which also make great, quick breakfasts — in our Healthy Care Package.

Create a toiletry kit for each family member.

You’ll have to plan visits to the state park restroom and shower house, so equip every member of your family with their own toiletry kit, complete with toothpaste, toothbrush, bar of soap, and travel-size shampoo. This summer, consider adding disinfecting hand wipes or hand sanitizer to the kits to help protect your family from coronavirus. When each person has their own toiletry kit, there’s no arguing about whose soap is whose, and everyone gets clean before bedtime. Pack each family member’s kit into a gallon-size baggie and write their name on it in permanent marker, or use cotton drawstring bags to be eco-friendly. Our Extra Large Snack and Personal Care package includes disinfecting wipes for public bathroom surfaces, as well as a pair of latex gloves to protect you from contagions. (Plus, you’ll get a whole bunch of snacks to pack on your trip!)

Keep your cooler colder for longer.

When you pack up your goodies to cook over the campfire during your weekend camping trip, you’re probably tempted to fill all the empty gaps in your cooler with loose ice cubes that you’ve purchased in a 20 lb. bag. The downside is that those ice cubes melt and can leave you with a slushy mess mixed in your food supply. Make your own massive ice blocks in advance to fill the spaces in your cooler. Freeze water in flat plastic to-go containers, and leave their lids on as you fill your cooler. You can also refill empty water bottles and freeze them to take up vertical spaces. Even if the ice melts, the water is contained, and your food never gets soggy. 

A snack box makes it easier to gather camping treats.

Be sure you have enough snacks to prevent growling stomachs each day of your camping trip. Instead of heading to the grocery store with a complicated list of your family’s snack requests, order a snack box from The Care Crate Co. and have it shipped to your door. Our myriad snack boxes satisfy every craving, and you’ll even find snacks suitable for people with special dietary restrictions. 

Place your order today to get your snack box in time for your camping trip. Plus, your snacks are delivered in a sturdy gift box to prevent squished treats or crushed potato chips during your vacation.

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated for accuracy. It was originally published on July 15, 2020.