Celebrate international women's day with us

Celebrate international women's day with us

Happy International Women’s Day!

The Care Crate Co. is proud to highlight the women in our workplace on this International Women’s Day and every day! From curation to packing your gifts, women are truly the rockstars at The Care Crate Co.

Our Team

Meet Megan! She is one of our product curators. When talking about her role, she said “Each month I come up with a new subscription care package for each of our brands, as well as curate new care packages for our core line. The creative process of coming up with a theme and sourcing items that support the theme is very enjoyable and rewarding. I get to put together a care package that could make someone’s day.” Megan also helps with other departments. “The exciting part of being a part of a start-up company is that you are interacting with nearly every aspect and department”. Her title may be Customer Service Manager but she works closely with other teams and all types of customers. “It keeps you on your toes!” says Megan. She loves working for The Care Crate Co. saying, “I feel ecstatic to work for a local company from my home state that gives back to its community consistently and grateful I can work remotely to take care of my health.” 

Her  favorite female empowerment quote is “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” Spoken by Michelle Obama. Megan says to all other women on this International Women’s Day, “You are amazing, keep killing it! I hope you get to listen to Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls)” song at least once today, I’ll have it on repeat while I’m working.” 

Meet Tiffany! She has been working here since November and came to us with years of working experience in a different warehouse. Tiffany said, she loves our laid-back environment and enjoys working with her brother! Tiffany spends some of her time on the line packing boxes and also managing orders throughout our system to make sure every single package arrives on time. Tiffany’s favorite gift that we offer is anything for the moms, especially the New Moms Postpartum Gift Set because she feels like it has items that are extremely helpful for new moms and that it is truly something they would need and want. She also said that every time she packs a Mom’s Luxury Gift Set, it makes her want to send one to her mom! 

Celebrate Women-Owned Businesses

The Care Crate Co. gets our products from a wide variety of amazing sources. Here are a few of our favorite female-run, women-owned businesses that you should definitely check out! 

Pepper Nectar Hot Sauce. A mainstay in our Men’s Luxe Gift Box, Pepper Nectar is like the craft beer of hot sauce. It’s mindfully crafted to deliver heat and flavor using farm-fresh hot peppers and other honest ingredients that just taste good.

Pure Organic Layered Fruit Bars. Pure started when founder Veronica’s six-year-old daughter chose to become vegetarian, prompting Veronica to craft delicious recipes with simple, organic ingredients. It makes sense that you can find these in our Gluten Free Dairy Free Vegan Care Package.

Gifts for Women

Although everyday is a great day to get the special women in your life a gift, find her something special with us! To celebrate International Women’s Day, here are the very best gifts to get the special women in your life! We have so much you can choose from! Such as…

Women’s Spa Day Gift Set

Equipped with only the best self care items such as a bath Bomb, EOS lip balm, facial cleansing pads, a manicure set and so much more! Help them become stress free with this set! 

Mom’s Luxury Gift Set

For those who know their mama deserves a little extra, this gift set is for you! Perfectly packaged with a Floral Wine Tumbler, Stash Tea Mango Passion Fruit Teas, Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, a Floral Skinny Tumbler, and so much more! 

Baby Shower Gift Set

For all the new moms or soon to be moms, here is a little gift set with everything you deserve! Filled with all the new baby bests such as Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Head-to-Toe Wash, Feeder Bibs, Washcloths, an adorable Animal Bath Puppet, and so much more! 

Happy International Women’s Day to all the wonderful women out there! 

We hope your day is as amazing as you are! We know how much it means to be shown a little care, so show how much you care with us! Our gift sets and care packages are made with premium products, filled with delicious sweets and treats, and fun activities! We also have a new customizable option so you can place all your recipients favorites in with our set!